About Us

Hello and welcome to Heat n Sweets!


We’re Pack and Tuks, two friends with a shared passion for cooking and a love for exploring flavors from around the world. Our culinary journey is an exciting blend of American and Indian influences, resulting in a unique fusion of tastes that we can’t wait to share with you.

Through Heat n Sweets, we’re thrilled to invite you into our family-friendly kitchen and share our love for cooking. We believe preparing delicious and easy meals should be an enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone, regardless of your level of expertise.

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Pack’s Passion: I first discovered enjoyment for cooking growing by spending time with my grandmother learning about family dishes that have been pased down.

Feeling a deep connection to family and seeing the smiles fill the dining table inspired me to dabble and experiment with creations that flooded my mind. Hearing old tales while stirring a warm pot of chili on a billowing winter evening are the small but remarkable moments that cooking draws out of everyone

Laughter fluttering in the air, smiles filling the kitchen, and flour floating around the countertop a few of the many reasons I continue down the cooking road. Few things are as expressive as your favorite childhood dish being made with love. Cooking’s ability to transcend cultures and languages is magical, and I hope you join me and experience the gratitude and bonds that grow from each culinary creation!

Bonding time, laughter filling the air, and forming deep connections surround.


Tuks’ Trapise: Food has always been a bonding element for me as well. I’ve live in different cities and countries, experinced so many cultures- I’ve always found that food brings people together. There’s joy in sitting around a table, sharing the food you love with people and celebrating the diversity.

While food has been important, cooking isn’t something I regularly did or enjoyed for a very long time. But being in my twenties and living by myself in a new country made me realise that I needed to find the joy in the process. So here I am a year into my culinary journey working on understanding how to make food that’s simple, beautiful and delicious.

My focus is usually on getting something healthy, delicious and easy meal-prepped for the work week. This is sprinkled with occasions when I try and experiment making something complex for the fun of it. My inspirations range from my grandma’s cooking to reels on instagram. So join me as I stumble through this journey, make some mistakes and a whole lot of scrumptious food!


Once again welcome to Heat n Sweets we so excited for you to join us as we all create memories that last lifetimes!